Mcdonald’s Breakfast Menu (Singapore)

McDonald’s in Singapore serves a delicious variety of breakfast selections that cater to both local and foreign preferences.

Whether you’re looking for a full breakfast to start the day or a quick bite on the run, here’s all you need to know about McDonald’s breakfast menu in Singapore.

Singapore Mcdonald’s Breakfast Menu With Prices

Menu ItemPrice (SGD)
Egg McMuffin5.10
Sausage McMuffin4.60
Sausage McMuffin with Egg5.60
Hotcakes with Sausage6.20
Big Breakfast6.60
Breakfast Deluxe8.10
Breakfast Wrap Chicken Sausage6.30

Popular Mcdonald’s Breakfast Food Items

Here are some of the most popular McDonald’s breakfast items in Singapore:

Egg McMuffin:

  • A simple classic featuring a fresh egg, chicken ham, and melted cheese in a toasted English muffin.

Sausage McMuffin:

  • Includes a savory chicken sausage patty topped with a slice of melted cheese, served in a soft, toasted muffin.


  • Soft, fluffy pancakes served with butter and syrup, perfect for those who prefer a sweet start to their day.

Big Breakfast:

  • A hearty platter with scrambled eggs, a chicken sausage patty, a hash brown, and toasted English muffins.

Sausage McMuffin with Egg:

  • A combination of sausage patty and a fresh egg, topped with cheese in a muffin, offering a fulfilling breakfast option.

Breakfast Deluxe:

  • This meal combines scrambled eggs, chicken sausage, muffins, and hotcakes, providing a complete breakfast feast.

Breakfast Wrap Chicken Sausage:

  • Scrambled eggs, chicken sausage, cheese, and a hash brown, all wrapped in a wholegrain tortilla for an on the go meal.

Mcdonald’s Breakfast Full Menu & Pictures (Singapore)

  1. Big Breakfast®
  2. Breakfast Deluxe
  3. Chicken Muffin
  4. Chicken Muffin with Egg
  5. Egg McMuffins
  6. Sausage McMuffins
  7. Breakfast Wrap Chicken Ham
  8. Breakfast Wrap Chicken Sausage
  9. Hotcakes
  10. Hotcakes with Sausage
  11. Hotcakes (2pc) Happy Meal®
  12. Hash Browns
  13. Filet-O-Fish®
  14. Double Filet-O-Fish®

Here’s a quick rundown of each item on McDonald’s morning menu:

Big Breakfast: A filling breakfast option that includes fluffy scrambled eggs, a savory chicken sausage, a crispy hash brown, and toasted English muffins.

Breakfast Deluxe: Similar to the Big Breakfast, but with the addition of hotcakes, making it a more indulgent meal to start the day.

Chicken Muffin: A simple breakfast sandwich with a breaded chicken patty served on a soft muffin, ideal for chicken lovers.

Chicken Muffin with Egg: An upgrade to the Chicken Muffin, this sandwich includes a breaded chicken patty topped with a fresh egg, served on a muffin.

Egg McMuffin®

Egg McMuffins: A classic favorite featuring a freshly cracked egg, chicken ham, and melted cheese, all encased in a toasted English muffin.

Sausage McMuffins

Sausage McMuffins: This sandwich swaps the chicken ham for a savory chicken sausage patty, paired with melted cheese in a soft muffin.

Breakfast Wrap Chicken Ham

Breakfast Wrap Chicken Ham: A convenient wrap containing fluffy scrambled eggs, a slice of cheese, and chicken ham, all topped with a crispy hash brown.

Breakfast Wrap Chicken Sausage: Similar to the chicken ham wrap, but with a chicken sausage patty instead, wrapped together with scrambled eggs, cheese, and a hash brown.

Hotcakes: Three soft, warm pancakes served with butter and syrup, a sweet option for breakfast.

    Hotcakes with Sausage

    Hotcakes with Sausage: The classic hotcakes served with a side of savory chicken sausage, combining sweet and savory flavors.

    Hotcakes (2pc) Happy Meal: A kid-friendly portion of two pancakes, served with syrup and butter, and includes a choice of beverage.

    Hash Browns:

    Hash Browns: Crispy and golden on the outside, soft and fluffy on the inside, these are a popular side dish.


      Filet-O-Fish: Although more commonly associated with lunch or dinner, it’s a sandwich featuring a breaded fish fillet topped with tartar sauce and cheese, served on a steamed bun.

      Double Filet-O-Fish:

      Double Filet-O-Fish: A heartier version of the Filet-O-Fish, with two fish fillets instead of one, along with tartar sauce and cheese on a steamed bun.

        McDonald’s Singapore Allergen and Nutritional Information

        Menu ItemCaloriesProtein (g)Contains EggsContains MilkContains SoyContains Wheat (Gluten)
        Egg McMuffin30017YesYesYesYes
        Sausage McMuffin40014NoYesYesYes
        Chicken Muffin36014YesYesYesYes
        Hash Browns1501NoNoYesYes


        McDonald’s breakfast in Singapore is designed to be convenient, varied, and affordable, making it a popular choice for many people. Whether you want a classic Egg McMuffin or something unique like the Breakfast Wrap with Chicken Ham, McDonald’s has something to quench your morning hunger. McDonald’s is a popular breakfast destination on the island, thanks to its reasonable pricing and extensive menu.


        Q1. What time does McDonald’s start serving breakfast in Singapore?

        Ans: Breakfast service begins at 4:00 AM in some locations and typically runs until 11:00 AM on weekdays and 12:00 PM on weekends and public holidays.

        Q2. Can I order McDonald’s breakfast items throughout the day?

        Ans: No, McDonald’s Singapore does not offer an all day breakfast menu breakfast items are only available during breakfast hours.

        Q3. Are there any vegetarian options available in McDonald’s breakfast menu in Singapore?

        Ans: Yes, McDonald’s Singapore offers vegetarian options like the Veggie Crunch Burger.

        Q4. How can I find out if a McDonald’s breakfast item contains allergens?

        Ans: Allergen information for each menu item is available on the McDonald’s Singapore website or can be requested at the restaurant.

        Q5. Can I order McDonald’s breakfast items for delivery?

        Ans: Yes, McDonald’s breakfast items can be ordered for delivery through McDelivery in Singapore​.

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