McDonald’s Menu Prices South Africa

Here are the McDonald’s menu prices in South Africa. You can check all the categories of the menu. We have also included the McDonald’s South Africa menu summary for your convenience.

McDonald’s Menu with South Africa Prices

Fuze TeaR23,63
Creme SodaR13,77
Bonaqua StillR19,93
Stoney ZeroR11,61
Coke ZeroR11,71
Apple JuiceR20,13
Fuze Lemon TeaR26,48
Orange JuiceR21,01
Choc Hazelnut Iced CoffeeR31,75
Hazelnut Iced CoffeeR31,93
Caramel Iced CoffeeR31,93
Vanilla Iced CoffeeR31,93
Breakfast Meals
Boerie and Egg with Small CappuccinoR31,59
Boerie Breakfast BunR31,50
Boerie and Egg with JuiceR27,78
Egg and Cheese Muffin MealR40,37
Egg and Cheese MuffinR22,23
Hot CakesR31,13
Boerie Breakfast Bun with Fries and DrinkR39,14
Breakfast Wrap and DrinkR41,23
English McMuffinR18,34
South African Breakfast MealR72,72
Boerie and Egg MealR38,96
Boerie Breakfast Bun with Coffee and FriesR33,07
Egg McMuffinR29,59
Boerie Breakfast Bun with Juice and FriesR33,07
Egg McMuffin MealR46,37
Boerie and Hashbrown Stack with Short Filter CoffeeR44,46
Sausage McMuffin with Egg MealR48,89
McChicken MuffinR36,17
McChicken Muffin MealR52,80
Sausage McMuffinR30,13
Sausage McMuffin MealR46,52
Sausage Egg McMuffinR31,54
Mega McMuffinR41,32
Mega McMuffin MealR57,37
Breakfast WrapR32,12
Breakfast Wrap and Small Apple JuiceR35,07
Breakfast Wrap CappuccinoR36,35
South African Big Breakfast AlacarteR50,11
Breakfast Wrap CoffeeR40,86
South African Big Breakfast with CoffeeR61,78
Boerie and Egg AlacarteR22,15
Breakfast Wrap Small Orange JuiceR38,85
Sausage Egg MealR39,86
Big BreakfastR61,19
Boerie & Hashbrown StackR29,90
Boerie and Egg Coffee MealR32,08
Boerie and Egg Juice MealR32,08
Jalapeno Chicken MealR58,46
Chicken McNuggetsR66,69
Grand Chicken Special MealR99,15
Grand Chicken Spicy MealR99,15
Chicken Foldover Spicy MealR101,14
Chicken Big Mac MealR79,18
Grand Chicken Special Medium MealR99,03
10pc Chicken McNuggetsR62,72
McDonald’s Limited Time Offer
Quarter Pounder Chilli Cheese MealR97,40
Belgian Choc PieR27,90
Quarter Pounder Chilli Cheese Burger OnlyR65,30
Chilli Cheese McFlavour FriesR34,10
Exclusive Big Mac® Deals
Big Mac and Chicken Big Mac ComboR151,90
Double Cheese Burger MealR76,96
Double Quarter Pounder With Cheese MealR115,73
McFeast Medium MealR117,77
Cheeseburger À la carteR31,57
McRoyale Medium MealR98,20
Quarter Pounder With Cheese Medium MealR92,11
McDouble Small MealR50,60
Cheeseburger Small MealR37,90
Jalapeno Chicken Small MealR37,90
Double Jalapeno Chicken Small MealR50,60
Grand Chicken Classic MealR79,96
Festive Season’s favourite
Double Cheese Burger À la carteR43,90
Short Filter Coffee and Homestyle DoughnutR26,22
Promotional Meals
6pc Jalapeno Cheese SnackersR32,50
Chicken Foldover MealR72,64
Spicy Foldover MealR67,64
Ginger Melon McFizzR20,56
Snack BoxR119,90
Smarties McFlurryR29,90
Sharebag Meals
Share Box BeefR190,74
Sharebag BeefR234,95
Chicken SharebagR208,97
Combo SharebagR234,95
Share Box ComboR190,74
Spicy McFeast MealR98,16
McFeast MealR96,56
Double Quarter Cheese MealR75,65
Grand Chicken Spicy Hot MealR69,37
Grand Chicken Jalapeno MealR68,38
Grand Chicken Garlic Mayonnaise MealR68,38
Grand Chicken McChicken Sauce MealR68,35
McRoyale MealR74,49
Quarter Deluxe MealR54,58
Two Cheese MealR47,99
Two Cheeseburgers MealR55,47
Cajun Chicken MealR60,95
Fillet O Fish Medium MealR46,98
Big Mac MealR50,36
Spicy Cajun Chicken Hot Medium MealR42,99
Veggie Burger MealR50,17
Chilli Cheese Double MealR55,29
Veggie MealR42,99
McChicken Deluxe MealR44,40
Cheeseburger MealR39,89
McChicken Deluxe Spicy MealR44,40
Boerie Double MealR44,16
BBQ Double MealR53,58
Quarter Cheese MealR50,99
Big Tasty MealR83,32
Quarter Pounder with Cheese MealR67,05
Grand Chicken MealR58,50
Jalapeno Chicken Double MealR52,63
6 Nuggets MealR46,99
6pc McNuggets MealR53,28
6pc Spicy McNuggets MealR53,90
Breakfast Extras
Chilli Cheese FriesR34,90
Spicy Chicken McNuggetsR36,26
Boerie and Egg BurgerR33,88
Boerie and Hash Brown StackR34,98
Boerie DoubleR37,38
Boerie BurgerR27,79
Sausage McMuffin with EggR37,44
South African BreakfastR60,92
Limited Lunch Menu
Cheese BurgerR23,24
Boerie Double Regular MealR54,51
Boerie Burger Regular MealR41,72
McChicken MealR50,46
A la Carte
Big TastyR64,27
Big MacR40,75
Cajun ChickenR36,45
Chicken FoldoverR50,55
Double Cheese BurgerR32,39
Double HamburgerR27,49
Double Junior ChickenR29,12
Double Quarter CheeseR46,84
Fillet O FishR29,01
Grand Chicken Garlic MayoR49,12
Grand Chicken JalapenoR48,73
Grand Chicken McChicken SauceR48,73
Grand Chicken SpicyR53,80
Grand Chicken Spicy HotR45,09
McChicken BurgerR32,77
10pc McNuggetsR51,67
McFeast BurgerR67,73
Spicy Foldover AlacarteR44,50
McFeast SpicyR75,07
McFeast Spicy AlacarteR58,72
Quarter Deluxe McRoyaleR40,98
Quarter CheeseR40,92
Quarter Pounder with CheeseR56,95
Spicy FoldoverR51,96
4pc McNuggetsR26,79
Junior ChickenR20,63
6pc McNuggetsR35,71
Four Pack NuggetsR23,00
Six Pack NuggetsR30,50
Ten Pack NuggetsR44,90
Veggie BurgerR32,80
Jalapeno Chicken Single AlacarteR20,72
Jalapeno Chicken Double AlacarteR27,28
BBQ Double AlacarteR26,62
Boerie Single AlacarteR22,54
Boerie Double AlacarteR25,96
McChicken DeluxeR33,00
McDouble BurgerR20,00
McChicken Deluxe SpicyR33,00
Chilli Cheese BurgerR31,41
Extra Large Meals
Extra Large Big Mac MealR58,73
Spicy Foldover Extra Large MealR78,01
Chicken Foldover Extra Large MealR77,94
Extra Large McChicken MealR53,66
Strawberry ShakeR25,47
Chocolate ShakeR25,47
Vanilla ShakeR25,47
Happy Meals
Happy HamburgerR43,18
Happy Meal HamburgerR61,03
Happy Cheese BurgerR43,18
Happy Meal CheesburgerR61,67
Happy McNuggetsR52,17
Happy NuggetsR37,69
Happy Junior ChickenR43,18
Happy Meal Chicken BurgerR55,57
Happy Corn HamburgerR43,18
Happy Meal Veggie BurgerR44,27
Happy Corn Cheese BurgerR43,18
Happy Corn Junior ChickenR43,18
Hot Beverages
Filter BlackR21,92
Filter Black-TallR31,57
Filter WhiteR22,73
Filter White-TallR31,57
Standard LatteR22,83
Hot ChocolateR27,71
Hot Chocolate -TallR36,57
Long BlackR14,58
Americano -TallR31,57
Standard Hot ChocolateR23,67
Cappuccino StandardR26,87
Hazelnut MochaR37,90
Large Meals
Chicken Foldover Large MealR69,01
Large McChicken MealR45,65
Spicy Chicken Foldover Large MealR69,90
Big Mac Large MealR50,69
Medium Meals
Spicy Foldover Medium MealR59,90
Chicken Foldover Medium MealR74,89
Medium McChicken MealR36,54
Spicy McFeast Medium MealR109,49
Big Mac Medium MealR41,48
Green SaladR35,94
Crispy Chicken SaladR59,69
Pack NuggetsR23,08
Mini CornR11,59
Medium CornR17,19
Medium Grand Chicken MealR60,52
Medium McChicken DeluxeR39,90
Medium BBQ Double Deluxe MealR40,17
Large Grand Chicken MealR69,52
Medium McChicken Deluxe SpicyR39,90
6pc Spicy Chicken McNuggetsR30,50
Large Cajun Chicken Deluxe MealR52,90
Large Spicy Cajun Chicken Deluxe MealR52,90
Hot Drinks
Large Filter WhiteR23,33
Chocolate Oreo McFlurryR33,50
Caramel Oreo McFlurryR28,41
Oreo McFlurryR37,11
Hot Belgian Choc Pie SundaeR42,27
Chocarra McFlurryR33,32
Strawberry Oreo McFlurryR28,38
Plain SundaeR22,54
Chocolate SundaeR25,70
Caramel SundaeR25,70
Strawberry SundaeR25,70
Apple PieR23,38
Blueberry MuffinR25,26
Chocolate Chip MuffinR25,18
Caramel MuffinR28,50
Small Meals
Boerie Single Small MealR27,63
Jalapeno Chicken Single Small MealR27,92
Cold Beverages

McDonald’s South Africa menu highlights and categories

McDonald’s South Africa menu summary: McDonald’s South Africa offers a diverse menu with a range of burgers, breakfast items, salads, desserts, and beverages, catering to various tastes and preferences. The menu includes classic items like the Big Mac, McChicken, and Quarter Pounder, as well as unique offerings like the Boerie Burger and Jalapeno Chicken. Customers can also choose from a variety of meal sizes and promotional deals to suit their appetite and budget.

McDonald’s South Africa Breakfast menu

The McDonald’s South Africa breakfast menu features a variety of items, including Boerie Breakfast Bun, Egg McMuffin, Breakfast Wrap, and South African Big Breakfast. Beverages such as Cappuccino and juice are also available.

McDonald’s South Africa lunch menu

For lunch, McDonald’s South Africa offers a selection of burgers like the Big Mac, McFeast, and Spicy Cajun Chicken. There are also chicken options like Chicken McNuggets and Chicken Foldover, as well as veggie options such as the Veggie Burger.

McDonald’s South Africa dessert menu

The dessert menu at McDonald’s South Africa includes a range of sweet treats like McFlurries, sundaes, apple pies, and muffins. Their Hot Belgian Choc Pie Sundae and Oreo McFlurry are popular choices among customers.


1. How much is a McDonald’s Happy Meal in South Africa?

A McDonald’s Happy Meal in South Africa costs between R43,18 and R61,67, depending on the chosen item.

2. How much is a McDonald’s Happy Meal in South Africa?

The best meal at McDonald’s South Africa is subjective, but the Big Mac Meal is a popular classic choice.

3. Which is the cheapest meal at McDonald’s South Africa?

The cheapest meal at McDonald’s South Africa is the Hamburger, priced at R20,50.

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