McDonald’s ราคาเมนู (Thailand)

Here are the McDonald’s menu prices in Thailand. You can check all the categories of the menu. We have also included the McDonald’s Thailand menu summary for your convenience.

McDonald’s Menu with Thailand Prices

Mentaiko Fish Burger
[New] Mentaiko Fish Burger฿99.00
[New] Mentaiko Fish Burger Combo Set฿299.00
[New] Mentaiko Fish Burger and Filet-o-fish Combo Set฿299.00
foodpanda Exclusive Promotions
[Promo] 6 McNugget and Coke฿79.00
[Promo] 27% off Cheese Stick Set฿109.00
[Promo] Buy 2 Free 1 McCafe฿129.00
[Promo] Buy 1 Free 1 Samurai and French Fries฿198.00
[Promo] 50% Filet-o-fish and McNugget Set฿205.00
[Promo] Buy 1 Free 1 Filet-o-fish Set฿209.00
[Promo] 39% off Jud Tem Double Cheeseburger Set฿219.00
[Promo] 50% Off Filet-o-fish Duo฿219.00
New Menu & Promotions
[Promo] Pepper Chicken Burger Set and McNugget฿99.00
[Promo] Pepper Chicken Burger Set and Corn Pie฿99.00
[Promo] Buy Samurai set Free Pork Burger฿159.90
[Promo] Buy Filet-o-fish set Free Pepper Chicken Burger฿159.90
[Promo] Im Kum Samurai฿149.00
[Promo] Snack Party Set 1฿185.36
[Promo] Im Kum Filet-o-fish฿149.00
[Promo] Im Kum McChicken฿149.00
[Promo] Truffle Cheesy Ham Pie฿45.00
[Promo] Pinky Peach Sundae฿45.00
[Promo] Pinky Peach A-La-Mode฿65.00
[Promo] Green Curry Rice Chicken฿89.00
[Promo] Green Curry Rice Chicken Set฿109.00
[Promo] ImKum Green Curry Rice Chicken Set฿159.00
McCafe Bakery
Chocolate Brownie฿59.92
Double Chocolate Muffin฿65.00
Plain Croissant฿69.00
Black Choc Drizzle Mini Donut฿39.00
White Choc Drizzle Mini Donut฿39.00
Choc Mini Donut฿39.00
Sugar Mini Donut฿39.00
Burgers Value meals
Double Samurai Pork Burger฿141.86
[New] Quarter Pounder with Cheese฿151.10
[New] Quarter Pounder with Cheese Bacon฿171.10
[New] Double Quarter Pounder with Cheese฿211.10
Big Mac฿141.30
Double Big Mac฿191.30
Triple Beef Cheese Burger฿171.57
Double Cheese Burger฿131.74
Samurai Pork Burger฿101.74
Filet-O-Fish Burger฿101.74
Double Filet O Fish฿141.74
McSpicy Chicken Burger฿101.10
McFried Chicken & Rice
ImKum Rice Set฿148.93
McFried Chicken Super Value Set฿107.82
McFried Chicken Value Set฿139.00
McFried Chicken Large Set฿175.18
McFried Chicken Max Set฿210.18
McFried Chicken Im Koo Set฿219.00
[Promo] 31% off McFried Chicken Super Max Set฿312.53
[Promo] 36% off McFried Chicken Max Family Set฿416.06
Kaprao Crispy Chicken Rice฿79.67
Kaprao Crispy Chicken Rice set฿110.27
Kaprao Pork Rice฿79.67
Kaprao Pork Rice set฿110.36
Snack & Dessert
McPatongko Set฿46.43
McPatongko 5 pcs.฿70.05
[Promo] 2 Corn Pie฿59.00
[Promo] Corn Pie and Pineapple Pie฿58.47
[Promo] Shrimp Glass Noodles Pie 2 pcs.฿55.00
[Promo] Shrimp Glass Noodles Pie฿37.00
Pineapple Pie฿36.00
Corn Pie฿36.00
[Promo] Caramel Popcorn A-La-Mode฿53.00
[Promo] Caramel Popcorn Sundae฿33.00
Strawberry Sundae฿39.87
Chocolate Sundae฿39.87
Oreo McFlurry฿36.57
Extra Large French Fries฿97.61
Large French Fried฿87.78
Cheesy Sauce฿24.78
6 pcs Chicken McNugget฿106.70
[Promo] 50% off McNugget 10pc Set฿134.71
[Promo] Kin Len Cheese Stick฿149.48
[Promo] Sharing Box Chic Stick฿137.57
[Promo] Sharing Box Wings฿135.00
[Promo] Snack Party Set 2฿215.82
McCafe Drinks
[Promo] Cold Brew Tea Yuzu Peach฿61.31
[Promo] Americano Yuzu Peach฿71.31
Hot Mocha฿88.85
Hot Chocolate฿89.23
Hot Green Tea฿88.46
Hot Caramel Macchiato฿94.23
Iced Chocolate฿103.93
Iced Cafe Mocha฿103.57
Iced Green Tea฿103.21
Iced Raspberry Tea฿87.31
Coffee Frappe฿103.21
Mocha Frappe฿112.86
Caramel Frappe฿118.57
Caramel Cream Frappe฿118.57
Chocolate Cream Frappe฿113.93
Green Tea Cream Frappe฿114.29
Strawberry Lamon Frappe฿96.43
Hot Americano฿68.21
Hot Americano 8 oz.฿51.14
Hot Cafe Latte฿78.21
Hot Latte 8 oz.฿70.45
Hot Cappuccino฿78.21
Hot Cappuccino 8 oz.฿70.45
Iced Americano฿87.86
Iced Americano 12 oz.฿71.14
Iced Latte 12 oz.฿81.14
Iced Cappuccino฿95.00
Iced Cappuccino 12 oz.฿81.14
Coke 32 oz.฿73.26
Coke 12 oz.฿37.32
Coke No Sugar 32 oz.฿73.26
Fanta Strawberry 32 oz.฿73.26
Iced Ovaltine 32 oz.฿65.64
Iced Milky Tea฿65.64
Iced Milky Tea 22Oz฿55.64
Iced Lemon Tea฿61.09

McDonald’s ราคาเมนู (Thailand) Overview

McDonald's ราคาเมนู (Thailand)
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McDonald’s Thailand menu highlights and categories

McDonald’s Thailand menu summary: McDonald’s Thailand offers a wide range of menu items, including new and exclusive promotions, burgers, McFried Chicken & Rice, McCafe Bakery, and beverages. The menu is tailored to local tastes, featuring unique items such as the Mentaiko Fish Burger, Samurai Pork Burger, and Green Curry Rice Chicken. Alongside these regional flavors, customers can also enjoy classic McDonald’s favorites like the Big Mac, Filet-O-Fish, and various dessert options.

McDonald’s Thailand Breakfast menu

McDonald’s Thailand breakfast menu includes McPatongko Set, a popular Thai morning dish, as well as plain croissants and various hot beverages such as Americano, Cafe Latte, and Cappuccino.

McDonald’s Thailand lunch menu

For lunch, McDonald’s Thailand offers a variety of options like the new Mentaiko Fish Burger, Samurai Pork Burger, Filet-O-Fish, McChicken, McFried Chicken & Rice, and the local favorite Kaprao Crispy Chicken Rice and Kaprao Pork Rice.

McDonald’s Thailand dessert menu

The dessert menu at McDonald’s Thailand features a selection of pies like Corn Pie and Pineapple Pie, sundaes like Pinky Peach Sundae and Strawberry Sundae, and McFlurry options such as Oreo McFlurry.

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Top 5 McDonald’s Happy Meal & Other List


1. How much is a McDonald’s Happy Meal in Thailand?

A McDonald’s Happy Meal in Thailand costs approximately ฿107.82 for McFried Chicken Super Value Set.

2. Which is the best meal in Thailand, McDonald’s?

The best meal in Thailand, McDonald’s, is subjective to personal taste, but popular options include Samurai Pork Burger and Green Curry Rice Chicken.

3. Which is the cheapest meal at McDonald’s Thailand?

The cheapest meal at McDonald’s Thailand is the 6 McNugget and Coke promo at ฿79.00.

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